Benefits of a charred wood facility

Yakisugi is a wood preservation that has always been used in Japan. Experienced a renaissance in the 21st century. The carbonization of the surface make the wood underneath more resistant, durable and waterproof.

Burnt Wood Cladding

This method according to the Yakisugi method of the 18th century serves to protect the wood against fire, water, fungal infestation, pests, etc. This allows both house facades and furniture to be clad.
The advantages are obvious:

  • Higher robustness, stability, resilience
  • No annoying insects or annoying fungal infestations
  • Increased longevity
  • Very decorative
  • Wood grain is better revealed
  • Virtually no care is needed.

In Japan, cedar wood is used for this purpose. In Europe, especially Germany and Austria, Larch wood is used for Burnt Wood Cladding. However, other local types of wood are often used in European farms. Three wooden slats are joined together. This looks like a triangle of three boards. Then the inside is charred without burning the wood. For this purpose, paper is placed in the triangle. Some companies prefer to use flame retardant. Because the wood feels like silk, as the wood likes to call “silk wood”. The typical sign of this is a silvery shimmer. Afterwards, the wood processed in this way is brushed. The beautiful grain comes to light.

Furniture with Burnt Wood Cladding

Furniture can either be made with this type of wood or can be treated directly with fire. This makes stunning furniture unique for both indoor and outdoor use. Silk wood is ideal for facade cladding or for outdoor furniture. Indoor furniture as well as panelling of counters, entire bar facilities and hotel interiors, combined with some light wood parts, have an unmistakable, individual look.

The boundaries of Burnt Wood Cladding.

Silk wood is suitable for the complete interior and exterior. This type of interior design is becoming increasingly popular in hotels, bars and restaurants. Trade has already jumped on this bandwagon. Especially in winter ski areas, more and more shop operators are equipping their restaurants and shops with silk wood. In addition, many private individuals have also enjoyed Burnt Wood Cladding beds, tables, dressers, boxes and armchairs. Some carpentry and retailers have already adapted to this trend.

Why doesn’t silk wood disintegrate after the Burt Wood Cladding?

After treatment, the wood is sealed. Thus, the wooden structure is preserved and stable. Depending on whether hard wood or softwood is treated according to this process technique, finer or coarser grains result. Softwood shows a coarser structure after treatment. Classically, silk wood is offered in spruce, 400 cm long and 15 cm wide. Silk wood boards are installed by simple screwing with the substructure.

Can different types of Burnt Wood Cladding be combined?

As usual, silk wood furniture made of hard wood or softwood can of course be combined with each other. Of course, this also applies to cladding on the ceiling, walls and counter. Waiting areas create real highlights with panelling according to this method and colourful decoration.


Where can Burnt Wood Cladding facilities be purchased?

These are offered in renowned online retail, traditional joinery and specialist shops. Some carpentry shops specialize in silk wood.

What needs to be considered when setting up Burnt Wood Cladding furniture?

Since the furniture and the attached cladding are sealed and are more resistant due to the process, there is nothing special to consider. Here it only depends on the taste and the optical placement.

Can heat, cold and humidity Burn Wood Cladding furniture become dangerous?

No problem as Burn Wood Cladding facades can withstand wind and weather without any problems. Due to the special wood treatment, the wood even withstands fire, more information.

Burnt Wood Cladding Boards for the Floor

Silk wood is also suitable for the floor. In Japan, this type of wood is used for almost all construction and furnishing parts. The houses are still standing for centuries and are still in use. It doesn’t matter what type of wood is used. For floors, however, silk wood with a coarser structure is preferred.

Burnt Wood Cladding – Commercial Facilities

In principle, custom-made products are always possible. For this, however, it is absolutely necessary to visit the location in advance. For restaurants, bars or hotels, a uniform look is more important. This highlights the business aspect. The grain in combination with wood gives it a cosy flair. Table linen, crockery or colourful decorative parts loosen up the dark décor a little and provide a personal touch.


Wall cladding in slate

A wall, a facade must be appropriately clad in a house. Such a cladding not only has an optical background, but also serves above all as a weather protection. So that there can be no penetration of moisture in a wall. One option that is very good for wall cladding is slate, stone veneer, as can be seen from the following article.

Slate as wall cladding

To ensure that moisture does not stand a chance on a wall, it is processed accordingly. One option offered here is the cladding of the wall surface. Various materials, such as slate, are suitable for covering a wall surface. Slate, especially natural slate, also called Stone veneer, is very suitable not only for optical reasons, but also for economic reasons. Thin Stone is characterized by a very long durability.

A slate roof, for example, can have a shelf life of 100 years or more. With a facade, it doesn’t look much different if the substructure here is corresponding. It is precisely the point of cost-effectiveness of Thin stone that should not be lost sight of when it comes to the cost of wall cladding. Certainly, a wall cladding made of slate is associated with high costs. But just when you look at the durability of the product slate, such an investment pays off.

Substructure with slate

Stone_veneerThe a and all of a wall covering with slate, with stone veneer is always the substructure. This is necessary, as the slate must of course be fixed accordingly. A properly fixed installation is necessary, after all, such a wall can be exposed to great weather influences, as well as wind and storm. The substructure is usually made of wood. Here, the substructure can either consist of a slat construction or a full-surface cladding. In order to ensure that moisture does not stand a chance in the substructure, it is important that it is adequately protected and ventilated.

So that there can be no accumulation of moisture here. Moisture wouldn’t hurt the thin stone, but the wooden construction. In order to ensure that the slate is fixed, the assembly is carried out either by means of nails or with screws. With regard to the wall cladding with slate, it should be mentioned that a variety of design possibilities are offered here. There are different deck patterns that can be used. It is also possible to design with slate, including a pattern. Depending on what design you choose with slate, you have a different amount of material requirements. However, this also means that you have a different amount of time required to design the wall.


Change your home in a japanese house

Facades almost always look the same. We all  have seen enough of the concrete walls. Wood would be a refreshing change and can be extremely durable if treated correctly.

Charred wood siding
Wood siding with a window

Charred wood siding makes every house wall unique. With a combustion process each wall gets its own structure and so your house becomes a real eye-catcher in your street. Be a part of an old japan tradition.


Stone veneer: Real stone veneer creates enthusiasm

Anyone who wants to spice up their own home will sooner or later think about a change. Again, it quickly becomes clear that Stone Veneer in particular has currently fought in the focus of interest. It is not really surprising, because the real stone veneer looks breathtakingly beautiful and also makes the house shine in high quality. In addition, the production and processing on the house usually does not take too long, which of course should be important for those in a hurry. Maybe you are also thinking about these stone veneers for your house? It would be worth considering in any case.

Stone veneer – beautiful to look at and flexible in appearance

Stone Veneer does not have to be available in one colour. The slate can be ordered really variable, but it is clear that it has to be prepared. Experienced carpenters are often used here because the stone veneer must of course be shaped accordingly. Maybe for the interior? Or for outside? Basically, there are almost no limits and the optics are very variable. The changing play of colours is a real eye-catcher, so this may also be responsible for your interest? This choice is made in particular for furniture construction or for facades and maybe it will help you to make a decision.

The many areas of application of Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer can really inspire in many ways. How about, for example, the furniture? This slate rock is extremely well received by the customer, and maybe the stone veneer is also something for you? Not to forget that it also comes into its own in the vehicle and stands for more popularity here too. Whether in shipbuilding, furniture, interior design, in the car or in a picture frame – Stone Veneer is certainly a good recommendation for all of this and if you want, you are more than welcome to use it. Perhaps this also applies to you?

Choosing many beauties is not easy, but hopefully Stone Veneer can make the decision for you. After all, the colourful look is really a great eye-catcher. Here you have to say clearly that you should access and why not? It looks good and if you know where this stone veneer would look good on you, you can grab it. It’s popular, easy to work with, looks great, and very affordable in price. And now it’s your turn, how do you find this stone veneer and can you inspire it?


Shousugiban – Asian Origin

Controlled wood charring can protect the facades, but many people don’t know Shousugiban. The process is not new and it was already used in antiquity to preserve wood and thus protect against insects and rot. The version originates from Japan and therefore there is also the name Shousugiban or Yakisugi for the controlled burning of wood. More and more people are discovering their love for charred wood.

What should Shousugiban consider?

Wood can do much more than just heat an oven. The technique at Shousugiban shows this and it is about charring from the outer layer. The material can be preserved with it and the coal then forms the natural protection against vermin and fungi. Regular renewal, pickhering, paint scoating and wood preservatives are thus eliminated. Excavations have already shown that construction work with charcoal was often fortified. Charred piles were also used for the construction of a house. There is still the technology to char wood. The technique translates to flamed or grilled. The Japanese cedar is mainly used and in the European area also larch, pine or other types of wood. The technology is still used in house building on the Japanese island of Naoshima, and residents say the facades survive the periods of forty to eighty years without any post-treatment.

Important information for Shousugiban

Charcoal is produced whenever the dry wood is heated to 275 degrees Celsius without oxygen supply. Components such as resins can eventually burn. The thermally insulating protective layer is then formed and the fire is always carried out in a controlled manner, so that the corresponding charring depth is reached. It is important that this is also extinguished at the right time with the water. The traditional Japanese charcoal uses three boards that are tied together to form the triangular tube and this is inflamed with a paper. They are separated after charring and extinguished with water. The wood is then cleaned and treated with the natural oil. The boards turn black or red-brown depending on the type of oil or burning time. These are not only aesthetic reasons for Shousugiban, but also ecological reasons for it. The material is purely organic and it passes from the life span of the buildings into the rotting process without chemical contamination. This is, of course, in the sense of cyclical use of resources. The burnt wood is used not only in the interior, but also outdoors.

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A Guide To Home Improvement Happiness

Every day of your life, your house makes a big impact on how you feel. A majority of us spend the lion’s share of every day in our homes, and those of us that work from home are that much more affected by it. Your home should be an oasis from the outside world and a place where you can reflect and relax in preparation for whatever life has to give you. Below are a few ideas that are sure to make your home a place where you feel comfortable and content.

Take a moment to think about how much added comfort you could experience. You should not expect things in your life to always be exactly what you want, but there are times that you may need to make a change to your home to allow you to be more comfortable there. Be sure to try and improve the comfort level in your home by removing a rickety computer chair or by lowering a shelf that is too high. Buying a new mattress will help you get a more comfortable night’s sleep, making a huge improvement to your life.

Add on to your home. If you do not have enough room, you will not be able to reorganize the way you want to. One way to solve this is by expanding your space. Even a few feet can make a difference by giving the room a larger feel and decreasing clutter.

Look for ways to add recreational spaces to your property. Though pools or spas will dramatically increase a home’s value, workout rooms, thought less substantial, are still valued by potential buyers. These features give your home a higher resale value.

It is quite surprising the change that new lighting can have on a room in your home. New or improved lighting can open up a room and bring attention to details that might have been hidden before. Installing light fixtures on your own is a quick and easy DIY job. It is an easy way to improve the appearance of any room.

You might want to consider growing something lush and green. Take a piece of your yard, and turn it into a beautiful garden to feel more excited about time spent at home. Even if a gardener tends your precious plants, you will be the one to reap the benefits of a living space full of green life. Plants also supply fresh oxygen for you to soak up and enjoy.

You can change the look of your home by making cosmetic fixes to the exterior. Changing your roof or replacing windows are nice ways to change up your home. You will find that each time you return to your home, you will experience a renewed sense of pride and appreciation.

Since you spend a lot of time at home, you should be happy with the way it looks. So, fixing up your home not only improves its value, but it also keeps you in a better state of mind.